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Corrugated Liner Board

Corrugated liner board, is a much stronger board that has two main components: the liner and the medium.

The liner is the flat material typically found on the outside surfaces of the board (but can also be found on the inside of some heavier board combinations), and the medium, which can be found between the liners. The medium creates the arched shape or “flutes” between the liners and is a large contributor in the strength of the board. Once these sheets of paper are glued together they create a corrugated board which is then converted into a structure that can sustain long shipping journeys, bumps, and falls.

Corrugated Sheets

Specially f-flute Corrugated Cardboard Sheets offered come in thick construction finish and find use in pallet liners as well as in applications requiring separators and stiffeners for safe packaging standards. Further, these cardboard sheets also provide for suitable exterior protection to the boxes and can be made available in single and double wall finish choices.

Some of its features include made available in custom sizes, choice of different outer, middle and inner paper finish materials like brown kraft paper, corrugated board, brown kraft paper and others; suitable for use as separators for layers, stiffeners for mailing, in pallet for protecting edges among others.

Regular Slotted plain and printed containers

RSC stands for “Regular Slotted Boxes”. They are the most generalized boxes around the globe.

Their design is standardized in a manner that maximum of all types of containments can be packed inside these boxes.

Customized Boxes

Duplex box with multi colour printing, Carton box with flexo printing, Live product packing box, Wonder board box, Commercial rolls & sheets, Slotted type boxes, Older type box & tray, Interior fitments.

Corrugated trays are open from the top. They are widely used to contain and ship products which are contained in bottled and hence beverage packaging is one of the major usage of it.

Die cut boxes

Die-cut boxes are made to order for the specific requirements. Die cut boxes are made using dies which needs to be created once.

The die consists of blades in a specific technique using which a box is cut-out from a corrugated board.

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